Voices of Ukrainian Mediators

Please join us April 14th at 8:30 AM MDT (4:30 PM CET) to hear personal stories and engage in dialogue with mediator colleagues from Ukraine. Svitlana Stadnyk, President of the Association for Family Mediators of Ukraine, and Tatyana Bilyik, co-founder of League of Mediators of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Family Mediators, and other Ukrainian mediators will be our guests.

Register here.

MAC Board Member, Mike Maday, met Svitlana, Anna Zubachova and other mediators from Ukraine through his involvement with MiKK Mediators, a world leader in cross-border mediation and training. Due to that relationship, theMAC has conducted joint Zoom seminars, and MAC members have developed connections with Ukrainian mediators over the past two years.

The brutal war in Ukraine creates challenges difficult to imagine and anticipate. One of our guests, Tatyana Bilyik, tells her story about the struggles she faces and what sustains her.  Read about her here. Our other guest, Svitlana Stadnyk has reached safety in Germany. Colleague Anna Zubachova and her baby are in Poland, and thanks to a fundraiser conducted by MiKK Mediators, Anna’s mother who was gravely injured has  reached safety and is receiving the medical care that she needs.

These colleagues, and many others still in Ukraine, have urgent needs for assistance.  MiKK Mediators has set up a fundraiser for these individual families through betterplace.org.  A link to the fundraiser is here. Please consider making a donation.