The Mediation Association of Colorado (theMAC) and the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) endorse guidelines on mediator training and education.  The MAC utilizes these guidelines to determine whether a basic mediation training program meets criteria to qualify member applicants for Standard or Professional membership status. 

The criteria for a qualified training course are as follows:

  • The length of the basic mediation course must be no fewer than 40 hours of hands on training. 
  • The course must include a minimum of 6 hours of participation in mediation role play.
  • The course must include training on the following topics as related to the practice of mediation:
  1. Prevalent Conflict Theory and Dispute Resolution Processes
  2. Ethics and Values
  3. Professional Skills
  4. Communication
  5. Relationship Building and Rapport
  6. Information Gathering
  7. Interaction and Conflict Management
  8. Problem Solving

Professional members of theMAC who provide 40 Hour Mediation Training are listed below.  Their programs have been reviewed and meet theMAC’s guidelines for basic mediation training.  These members may advertise their training programs on theMAC’s calendar.  Individuals interested in a training program should contact the training provider directly.

  Michelle Noyes                                                        Phoenix Strategies                                                           719-266-8181

  Trish Elledge                                                                Elledge Group Mediation                                                303-791-3574                                                                Trainings scheduled in May and October annually

  Judy Mares-Dixon                                                        Training is offered through the Colorado Bar Association      303 860-0608  (CBA-CLE Customer Service)

  William Mangrum                                                        BlueJean Mediation                                                          760-445-6441                                            Offers mediation training in the Four Corners area

  Humanz Mediate                                                    

TheMAC recognizes other training programs that are not listed above.  We encourage and invite you to contact us at if are considering a training program that is not included on this list to find out if it meets our criteria for membership.