President’s Message

President’s Letter

August 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

Thank you for all you do to advance the profession and professionalism of mediation!

New Board Members!  We are pleased to introduce Carolena Steen and Miguel Martinez, our two newest Board members. They are eager and ready to serve! Carolena has agreed to head up the Multicultural Committee, and Miguel is enthusiastic about putting his perspectives as a newer mediator to work as he joins the Membership Committee.

Carolena, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, has mediated special education, Section 504, ADA, divorce, and employee disputes via her business, Resolution Options. Carolena’s passions center around the value of mediation as a practice, embracing diversity and culture, and expanding our practitioner base. See her bio for more information.

Miguel holds a dual degree in economics and business administration and formerly worked as a senior executive of a Fortune 500 company. Miguel has developed numerous programs and executive trainings on intercultural issues; he has worked as a certified court interpreter; and he continues to apply his expertise about cultural and linguistic differences as a bilingual mediator.  See his bio for more information.

On a related note, Rogelio Hernandez-Flores has agreed to serve in a non-Board member capacity as the MAC’s Multicultural Advisor.

September MAC Chat – Date TBA.  Stay Tuned for details on our next MAC Chat via Zoom. We’ll hear from and chat with a few MAC members who have built successful practices – “I Did It – So Can You!” More to come . . . .

Outreach. Interested in promoting mediation? Look around your social and professional circles: Do they know you mediate? Do their next degrees of connection know you mediate? Have you made connections with people from different cultures than yours? Be brave and take the steps to expand!

Until next time!

Michele M. Clark
President, theMAC