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How Do I Become a Mediator?

Currently there are no state requirements for the practice of mediation, nor is there any state “certification” process or requirement. In other words, there is no Colorado “Certified” mediator.

There are guidelines endorsed by The Mediation Association of Colorado (theMAC) and the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) on mediator training and education, but those guidelines only apply to their members. Additionally, there are voluntary Colorado Standards of Conduct for Mediators endorsed by the theMAC, Office of Dispute Resolution, Colorado Judicial Institute, Colorado Bar Association, ADR Forum Committee, and the Attorney General’s Office, Department of Law.

The Mediation Association of Colorado has a "credentialing" process used to qualify applicants for its Professional Member Mediator status, though this does not mean such a mediator is state “certified.” Approved mediators have met the following requirements to become a Professional Member:


  • Approved Standard and Professional mediators must have completed a 40-hour basic mediation training class which meets theMAC’s standards for a 40-hour course.  The course must include a minimum of 6 hours of participation in mediation role play and must include training on the following topics as related to the practice of medation.
  1. Prevalent Conflict Theory and Dispute Resolution Processes
  2. Ethics and Values
  3. Professional Skills
  4. Communication
  5. Relationship Building and Rapport
  6. Information Gathering
  7. Interaction and Conflict Management
  8. Problem Solving
  • Professional mediators commit to 10 hours of continuing training and education every year. Training and education includes conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops and training with the primary purpose of providing mediation, negotiation and/or conflict resolution skills or knowledge. 


  • Approved Professional mediators must have completed at least 100 hours of actual mediation experience in at least 10 mediations as either the lead mediator in a co-mediation or as a solo mediator. 
  • Transcript and Affidavit for 100 Hours of Mediation must be submitted in a format that includes the confidentialty of your client. Therefore, when filling out the Affidavit, please do not use names. Instead we welcome the use of the initials of your clients or you may use the roles of the parties, ie; mom v. dad or contractor v homeowner.  


  • Agreement to abide by theMAC’s Professional Code of Conduct for Mediators;
  • Requirement to disclose any professional degrees or certifications;
  • Attestation and ongoing duty to notify theMAC that the applicant's concurrent or prior professional license has not been suspended or revoked, or that the applicant has not been the subject of disciplinary action by any licensing authority;
  • Attestation to the completion of a criminal background check every two years;
  • Adherence to theMAC's ethics and grievance policy


The criteria for all levels of membership may evolve over time, as determined by theMAC Board. This information may be posted on theMAC Web site as it becomes available. However, these designations are not, in and of themselves, an assurance of competence, relevant knowledge and experience or quality of the services being provided; theMAC makes no warranties or representations with respect to the actual work performed by any of its members.