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 Frequently Asked Questions


 What is Court-Ordered or Voluntary Mediation?

  • Court-Ordered: A judge has ordered parties to attend mediation and to make a sincere effort to resolve the case or disputed issue.
  • Voluntary: Parties decide they want to attend mediation voluntarily to resolve conflicts before they pursue litigation, or before the conflict escalates into something worse.


How Can Mediation Benefit Me?

  • Mediation is confidential, efficient, and cost-effective.
  • Mediation allows the parties to a dispute to maintain control over the outcome.
  • Mediation allows the parties to preserve important relationships.
  • Mediation can be used in a variety of areas such as:
    Business/Consumer • Community Matters • Domestic and Family • Elder Care • HOA/Homeowner • Landlord/Tenant • Neighbor Disputes • Personal Injury • Real Estate • Workplace Conflict


How Do I Find a Professional Mediator?

Finding a qualified mediator who has training and experience can be challenging – theMAC makes that process easy.

A list of Professional Mediators will appear in random order. Contact the one who best suits your needs.

Additionally, you may use these questions to guide your conversation with a mediator.


How Do I Know a Mediator is Qualified?

All of theMAC Professional Mediators must meet the highest standards required in Colorado. They must:

  • Complete a 40-hour comprehensive mediation training program; 
  • Participate as a mediator (lead and/or solo mediator) in ten or more cases covering a minimum of 100 hours;
  • Continue to obtain supplemental education, training and experience in areas in which they will practice;
  • Complete a requisite amount of continuing education, training, and experience every year;
  • Abide by theMAC‘s Code of Conduct and Ethics Policy and Procedures.
  • Submit Professional Members Transcript and Affidavit for 100 Hours of Mediation (Please be aware of our confidentiallity procedures in filling out this affidavit. We welcome the use initials or general terms like mom v. dad or contractor v. homeowner. No Party names are allowed)