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Jul 30
Aug 01
Restorative Justice 24-hour Training
Organizer: Monica Lichtenberger
Company Name: Phoenix Strategies, Inc.
Colorado Springs
Phoenix Strategies Inc. Classroomx
3730 Sinton Road, Suite 105
Phone: 719-266-8181

This dynamic, 24-hour Restorative Justice (RJ) course is for those who interested in supporting restorative practices within the criminal justice system, government, schools and other community organizations rather than using punitive processes to address breech of statues, regulatons, rules and policies. The training focuses on strategies that invite all stakeholders to restore relationships by creating and implementing effective solutions for changed behavior when there has been harm.

Here are comments of RJ students:                            

“Amazing training…I gained both personal and business perspectives…used all 5 learning techniques that helped me to take in all the information.” (Margaret Aranda, Juvenile Assessor)

“The role playing and watching Jan and Monica model how they would word questions or comments really helped. Also, the videos were well-chosen and very instructive. This was also very healing to me and I am deeply grateful for the caring listening and framing my concern to nudge me to my next step in addressing conflict.” Debra Lacey, Behavior Interventionist

Learner Objectives The participant will:

Define Restorative Justice practice and principles

Differentiate between restorative justice and other disputes resolution (DR) practices

Understand the advantages of an Integrated Conflict Management Systems (ICMS) versus RJ standalone practices

Gain insight into personal perspectives of victims and offenders

Be familiar with the historical movement of Restorative Justice (RJ)

Understand victim and offender rights

Differentiate between the traditional legal process and a restorative justice approach

Realize the RJ benefits for victims, offenders and the community

Differentiate between guilt and shame

Experience RJ processes and how other Dispute Resolution (DR) processes are different

Identify case sources and learn case management

Define processes for chats, conflict coaching, circles, mediation and peer mediation, and conferencing

Experience chats, circles and conferencing one on one role play sessions with victims and offenders

Know critical indicators for determining appropriateness for conferencing

Use strategies and interventions to support appreciation, accountability and empowerment

Discuss facilitator code of conduct and common ethical dilemmas

Cost: $650