Anastasia Sdanowich

Anastasia Sdanowich

Anastasia Sdanowich
Mediations: Pathways to Peace LLC
8214 S Queen Street
Littleton, CO 80127
Phone: 303-973-6890
Cell phone: 303-913-0903

Since my retirement from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) as a full-time Mediator in January 2017, I started the business and am looking for new clients. During my career with the EEOC I conducted thousands of employment-based mediations . I continue to perform pro bono mediations for the EEOC Hearings Unit and the Colorado Federal Executive Board.  I have a broad range of experience in other subject matters. I am a sub-contractor conducting mediations for a Federal Agency and on the Mediator Roster for the State of Colorado Department of Education. Let me know how I can assist you in resolving your conflict.

Practice Areas

  • Business
  • Civil Matters
  • Community
  • Education/School Related
  • Employment Issues
  • Labor Relations
  • Workplace Conflict

Additional Professional Services

  • Facilitator