Maha Colorado Family Law Project

Maha Colorado Family Law Project

Maha Colorado Family Law Project
Colorado Family Law Project
1627 Vine Street
Denver, CO 80206
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Beginning January 2022, Colorado Family Law Project will offer virtual family law mediation services at a sliding scale rate for family law matters, including Allocation of Parental Responsibilities (“custody”) and divorce. Mediation is an effective way to resolve your family law case with your former spouse or partner.

In addition to 40 hours of mediation training, Maha has nearly ten years of trial experience in family law and has training as a Child and Family Investigator and a Parent Coordinator/Decision-Maker. She draws on her experience, as well as her creative side (as a short story writer and digital artist), to come up with ways to move you forward without the stress and costs of trial. So whether you’re looking to settle financial matters or develop creative solutions for parenting issues, Maha is well-versed and ready to help!

Mediation rates start at $150.00/hour, depending on income.

Practice Areas

  • Family Related

Additional Professional Services

  • Child and Family Investigator
  • Decision Maker (PCDM)
  • Licensed Attorney