James Nicholas

James Nicholas

James M. Nicholas P.A.
2734 Estates Drive
Breckenridge, CO 80424
Phone: 970-771-3212
Cell phone: 321-427-9942

I am an Attorney with 38 years of Trial experience, and 24 years of Mediation Experience, primarily in the state of Florida, although I am admitted to practice in the states of Colorado, Illinois, and Pennsylvania as well. I am a current member of the Bar in all four jurisdictions, and in Good Standing. I am Board Certified in Civil Trial Litigation as well as Business Litigation here in Florida, and I hold both a Real Estate License and an Insurance License under Florida Law. Having worked as a Trial Lawyer for the past 38 years, I now do Mediation full time in Florida. Unlike Colorado, one must be a Certified Mediator to conduct Mediations under Fla. Law. I am Certified in every category of Mediations including Circuit Civil, Family Law, County Court, and even a Certified Appellate Mediator. Each Category required a 40 hour mandatory course, except for Appellate Mediation, which only required 10 hours. I am also admitted to every Federal District Court in all four States in which I am admitted, as well as the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals which has Jurisdiction over those States. I am also admitted to the U.S. Supreme Court. I am likewise a Federal Mediator and a Certified Arbitrator in both the Federal and State Court.

My wife and I have re-located to Breckenridge, Colorado, having purchased a home there in September of 2016. I am in the process of winding up my practice here in Florida after 34 years, and I plan to re-locate permanently to Colorado this Fall of 2018.

My preliminary research indicates that there is a need for ADR Services by a Licensed Professional in Summit County as well as the neighboring Counties. I recognize that many pro se parties simply cannot afford the traditional hourly rate charged by most Mediators; hence, the reason I offer a “sliding scale” based on one’s ability to pay.

I genuinely love what I do as a Mediator, and having mediated thousands of cases here in Florida over the past 24 years, I plan to continue to do that which I do best, even if it is only part-time and at a reduced hourly rate. I can gladly furnish you with a more detailed C.V., with all Bar Numbers and Licensing information.

Thank You.

James M. Nicholas.

Cell: 321-427-9942

Practice Areas

  • Business
  • Civil Matters
  • Community
  • Construction
  • Consumer Related
  • Elder Care
  • Employment Issues
  • Environmental
  • Healthcare
  • HOA/Homeowner
  • Insurance
  • Labor Relations
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Neighbor Related
  • Personal Injury/Product Liability
  • Probate, Estate & Trust
  • Real Estate
  • Small Claims
  • Workplace Conflict

Additional Professional Services

  • Facilitator
  • Licensed Attorney