Becoming a Mediator

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Mediation Trainers

Approved Standard and Professional mediators must have completed a 40-hour basic mediation training class which meets theMAC’s standards for a 40-hour course.  The course must include a minimum of 6 hours of participation in mediation role play and must include training on the following topics as related to the practice of mediation.

  1. Prevalent Conflict Theory and Dispute Resolution Processes
  2. Ethics and Values
  3. Professional Skills
  4. Communication
  5. Relationship Building and Rapport
  6. Information Gathering
  7. Interaction and Conflict Management
  8. Problem Solving

The following are Professional Members of the Mediation Association of Colorado (theMAC) who provide mediation training courses.   To find out about scheduled courses, to register, and for additional information, contact the training organizations directly using the information below.