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Workplace Mediation and Conflict Management

November 23, 2020 - November 25, 2020


Please note this training is delivered via online long-distance learning through the Zoom platform. You will need a device that has a strong connection with the internet, along with a camera, audio and printer access.

The following are comments from recent PSI training participants who used Zoom:

“This course exceeded my expectations. I was hesitant to do it via Zoom but now believe it was the best thing I could do. I learned so much about how mediation work now a days on Zoom. I would have missed  that had I done it in person.” ElizabethSalinas-Van Orman, Attorney

“Zoom trainings are tough to make this valuable.   It was just more excellent than I could have ever understood. I am really excited about everything I learned this week in the mediation class. I am so impressed with how the class went.”  Jennifer Gessert LPC

“Both presenters are very talented and convey information in a clear manner.  Following along, even via Zoom, is a breeze.  I’m able to take notes, highlight, and draw diagrams from the slides that all helped my understanding of the course content.” Matt Harutun


Workplace conflict costs organizations $359 billion/year (CPP Study)! According to Forbes Magazine, supervisors and managers spend approximately 30-40% of their time dealing with conflict. 60% of organizations have no conflict management training. After conflict management training, 95% of the trainees report the training “helped them navigate conflict more positively”.

Training Learner Objectives                                                  

To provide a learning experience whereby the participant      assimilates theory and application of:

  • Workplace characteristics and impact on disputes
  • Contributing factors that create emotional intensity
  • Costs of conflict
  • Internal organizational structures that impact workplace disputes
  • Dispute resolution roles
  • Case management of workplace conflicts
  • How workplace mediation differs from other mediation specialties
  • External agencies that affect workplace disputes
  • State and Federal employment statutes and regulatory agencies
  • Assessment and strategic planning to manage a complex workplace case involving several persons
  • Techniques that foster collaboration, empowerment and an interest-based process through participation in exercises, interactive role plays and workplace scenarios
  • Strategies for managing intra and inter departmental dispute and large groups disputes


November 23, 2020
November 25, 2020




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