About theMAC

Since 1983, theMAC (formerly known as the Colorado Council of Mediators and Mediation Organizations or “CCMO”) has been the largest statewide, private non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the mediation profession and of the use of mediation – in all its forms – as a positive alternative to dispute resolution. 

With over 150 Professional members across Colorado, theMAC offers the public and the courts access to experienced mediators who are bound by a code of professional standards and practice and held accountable for their work.


Our Mission

  • Advance mediation through education and information
  • Increase demand for qualified professionals
  • Provide networking and support to improve the quality of mediation across the State

Our Vision

Our vision is to achieve an equitable, diverse and inclusive environment in which the public values and seeks mediation as an effective choice to resolve disputes.  TheMAC promotes its members and connects the public to trained, experienced professionals who are accessible and qualified to address the evolving needs of a diverse population across the State and who are bound by a code of professional standards and ethics.

TheMAC Board and Committee Chairs

Morgan Duffy Tregenza, President
Antonia Ozeroff, Vice President and Ethics Committee Liaison
Charles Woodward, Treasurer
Michele Clark, Immediate Past President
Kiplund Kolkmeier, Legislative Co-Chair
Louis Fletcher, PhD
Elizabeth Walker
C. Jean Stewart, Judicial Chair
Miguel R. Martinez, Membership Chair
Rhonda Sutor, TheMAC and the Digital Age
Carolena Steen